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Bangkok Folk Museum

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Bangkokian Museum

Inside the Bangkokian MuseumOriginally built on Rama 4 road in 1929 as a clinic by a British doctor from India, The house known as the Bangkokian museum, was dismantled and moved to Charoen Krung, the oldest road of Bangkok in 1937. Three buildings show off what life was like in the city before and after world war 2. In 2004 the property was donated to the Metropolitan Authority. In January 2017, trying to help her cat off the roof, the owner (the daughter who grew up in the house) fell and passed away.

Bangkokian museum house garden view

The Owner With her Cat





Rare Pieces collection

The Bangkok folk museum displays some really nice and rare pieces collection, such as a three-mirror vanity, a pleating machine, first time I saw one, a collection of European and old Chinese ceramics, a 75rpm records, and traditional iron. Meticulously preserved they attest to what daily life was like at the time. Influence from the west can be seen in the items styles exposed even in the toilet. In 2016 the property was threatened by a condo development project that wanted, to buy the adjacent land, but the owner put her own money, and with the help of the media successfully raised funds within 2 weeks to buy it, and keep the Bangkokian as protected heritage.

pleating machine

cooking from time ago





Be there

From Taksin bridge BTS station (exit 3), short walk to Charoen Krung road around 1km to Soi 43, house number 273 (after passing under the bridge), opposite the old post office, now Thailand Creative and Design Center TCDC

I bought a Kuay Teow outside and the ladies allowed me to eat it in the sala in the middle of the pretty garden.

By express boat Siphraya pier (3)

Open days

Wednesday to Sunday

Free entrance, you just have to write your name on a large notebook

Open 10.00 – 16.00

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