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Ensure that before you leave, make sure your phone is unlocked. If it is locked, you will not be able to use a Thai SIM card, so would stay connected while roaming on your usual network.

Three networks company sell Tourist or Traveler prepaid SIM cards.

AIS LogoAIS Advanced Info Service Public Company

Three traveler sim packages. The base model at 49 baht offers 15 baht for 30 days credit validity, 7 days free we chat and AIS 7 days free super WiFi network A call home will cost you 1 baht/minutes. The second is at 299 baht and the third 599 baht, which is the most interesting if you spend more than 15 days in the country, 15GB, 15 days unlimited internet and a 100 baht credit with 30 days validity.

AIS offer good privileges and promotions such as a GRAB 300THB discount on the first 3 rides! when downloading the app via the link and entering the special promo

Where to Buy itAIS Use Green Color

At Suvarnabhumi airport, but I recommend buying it in the city in a commercial center. Telewiz, family smart convenience and retailers telecom shops. Myself for practical reasons use the AIS service in Terminal 21 on the last floor, small shop but good service, English-speaking. There are also located True and DTAC on the same floor. Most of the malls are open from 10.00 to 21.00

Happy Tourism SIM cardDTAC Total Access Communication

The first company to offer Tourist SIM cards in Thailand. DTAC has four Happy Tourist packages and the 299 baht packages is not a bad choice. 8-day unlimited Internet (3 GB at max speed) 100 baht call credit, an unlimited call among Happy Tourist using this package and a special international call rate via 00400.

The others are 599 baht, 15-day unlimited Internet(15GB at max speed). Cheaper,199 baht, 7-day unlimited Internet (500 MB at max speed) and the base model, 49 baht, 15-baht call credit and 5 chat apps usage for 1 day.

DTAC also regularly offers privileges and promotions.


Like AIS, in Shopping malls but also supermarkets Big C and Lotus, 7 eleven as well.

True Move LogoTrue Move

A True Move starter prepaid 49 baht 4G SIM card free for 1 day, free unlimited 24 hours WiFi internet, 15 baht credit, 0,99 THB per calling minute in Thailand, and 1 baht for international. Top up 100 baht for unlimited WiFi and 14 social apps for 8 days. That includes Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Line, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Pinterest. For those using only social apps, starting at 49 baht, 4 G+ 14 social apps for 30 days. Special rate international dialing code 006 or 00600

Two packages for those staying longer are similar to those offer by AIS, 299 baht unlimited 8 days, 100 baht call credit, 3 GB + the 14 apps, and 599 baht 15 days, 50 baht call credit, 8 GB, WiFi unlimited. True offer some privileges as well. Special international rate dialing code 006

Despite the fact being a partner of Vodafone I find that The website is confusing to use and not fully translated in English.

WhereTrue Coffee Shop

Many Stores, Central World, Siam Paragon and commercial centers, BIg C and Lotus supermarkets, 7 eleven. True is the second-largest operator and is also a cable TV, mobile and internet provider, also the stores are very busy and sometimes requires a long wait, some of them are coffee shops.

7 Eleven

If you stay for a week in Thailand you can buy a SIM card at mostly every 7 eleven stores, which focus on short-term tourists. But be aware most Thai staff here do not speak much English.

  • Note that AIS and 7 eleven have no trade agreements and so do not offer any services of this operator.

Which One to Choose

AIS the largest operator has a really good 4G coverage network. 40 million subscribers

DTAC can be a good quality/price choice, but a slight advantage to AIS for coverage network. 21.6 million subscribers

My friend uses True move internet for years and is happy with it. Good for short term speeds but less consistent than AIS and DTAC. 28 million subscribers

In every shop or convenience services, you pay for the packages you choose and the staff will do the rest for you and activate the SIM for you.

Foreigners now need to provide their passport, and have their photo taken when buying a local SIM

Around the country signs everywhere saying: ‘Thailand SIM card for tourist’. And some street vendors sell prepaid data packages without any identification needed, but it’s better to know it can be a used one that could be shut off at any time.

I recommend visiting the website of these operators and make your choice of which one suits your needs before your trip.

FYI. Line is the most popular messenger app, 40 million users in Thailand

I hope this will be helpful for planning your next trip to Bangkok. If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to help you out.

Your support messages and comments are always welcome.

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