Jetée à Pratunam sur le Klong Saen Saeb

By The klong

how to Bangkok

Bangkok Khlongs

Named the Venice of the east in the past. Used for transportation and sewage disposal, most of the Bangkok Klongs have been filled. Express boat service on the popular Khlong Saen Saeb crosses central Bangkok from east to west, 18 km long. Dirty, smell, but convenient, fast, and cheap used by more than 60,000 locals people/day. Deserve major areas, Pratunam, Nana Sukhumvit, Asok, Thonglor, Ekamai, Siam, Jim Thompson House, Bo Bae market, Wat Saket, but also some which are more difficult to access such as Ramkhamhaeng and Bangkapi. Old wooden houses, homes that have not changed in decades. Graffiti brings a bit of color.

A Must Experience.

Long-Tail-Boat-Klong-Saen-SaebTwo Lines

Western line terminal at Golden Mount (Wat Saket, Panfa Leelard) the shortest, 5 stations, and Eastern to Wat Si Boonreung, 24 stops. The Interchange at Pratunam pier. Tickets valid on both lines.

After two helmeted guys/girl jump on the pier, rope for fastening, be careful, get on board can be perilous


New Boat

New Boat on the Khlong Saen Saeb

A good initiative, more seats, more comfort and above all less hazardous when boarding and disembarking. Also, ticket vendors do their work safely, although one can feel that some are tempted to work as on previous boats. However, during peak hours, the “old” ones are still in service.

Local life, fun, around 100 seats, 11 to 20 baht

From 05.30 – 20.30

From 05.30 – 19.00 on weekends

Boats every 20 minutes, every 1 to 3 minutes at peak hours

Pay on the boat

map Khlong Saen Saep lines-route

Khlong Saen Saep Express Boat tour service route stations must do highlights Bangkok top tourist attractions map

Very busy at rush hour

Did you like it?

Electric ferries

Long-tail boats could soon be in museums. Tests on the khlong Saen Saeb of a new electric boat that is to replace the current ferries have been carried out .

It is undeniable that although for the tourist this remains an image of Bangkok, diesel powered boats are very noisy and polluting. Electric boats are already in operation on the khlong Phadung Krung Kasem and Phasi Charoen.

The transport sector in Thailand is the biggest source of air pollution in Bangkok, vehicle exhaust fumes contribute to 52% of the pollution.

Bangkok was originally a canal city. There are 1161 canals with a total length of 2,272 km. In the past, they were the main transportation routes where people used to commute by boat.

I hope this will be useful to you in planning your next trip to Bangkok. If you have any questions, I will be happy to help you out

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