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Hipsters Bars

Chinatown is well known for its festivals, shopping, the gold market, and of course the street food, but have also its nightlife with hipsters bars for those who want to escape from the tourist districts to meet the locals and expats, friendly atmosphere. Although this is not the new hidden trend in the night scene that appeared a few years ago, it remains one of the most vibrant in Bangkok. The place not to be missed for a good night out, but more expensive compared to the city’s popular nightlife areas. All staff speaks English.

10 minutes walk from Hua Lamphong MRT station is the tiny 300 meters Soi Nana, food, cocktails, small arty street bars. A gentleman told me that 10 years ago no one was living in these houses in the small sois around, nowadays almost all of them were renovated (continues to be) and rented, some are doing Airbnb, there are also few “Farang” foreigners who live there permanently.

Teens of Thailand BarTeens of Thailand (TOT)

The name is a nod to the sordid history of the neighborhood, which was once dominated by sniffing glue teenagers. Created in 2015, before TEP, In a restored shophouse, the most famous but very small bar with 20 seats, the specialty are gin cocktails. Chill out lounge and hip-hop old school music. The staff just doing their job. The French guy is nice.

Easily recognizable by the stickers on the outside wall. Teens of Thailand Bar EntranceBeautiful door but those over one meter seventy watch your head when walking in.

My third time there and I noticed a little complacency.

Open from 7 pm to 12 pm.

Friday and Saturday from 7 pm to 1 am

Address. 76 soi Nana

Walflowers Bar Late EveningThe Grounds of Wallflowers Rooftop Bar

Opposite TOT, A very different environment. The wallflowers at the angle of the soi occupy a large part of the narrow alley. On the top of a coffee shop, and the Oneday Wallflowers flower shop, during the day. Every floor has a different atmosphere, music and a live band on the second floor, nicely decorated, beautiful and romantic. Narrow stairs that remind me of an old Parisian elevator shaft.

Mocktail and cocktail signature, 280 baht, and also spirits, wines served by the glass.

I’m not a big fan of cocktails but I like the place and enjoy a good beer, Spanish draft, Walflowers Rooftop Bar Early EveningJapanese, Lao and Belgian, 180-280 baht + 8% service charge, good music. Recommended

They also run a floral workshop for beginners every month, both group and private classes.

The rooftop open from 6 pm to midnight

Closed on Wednesday

Address. 37-39-41 Soi Nana

On weekends don’t be there too late to pick the right seats.

Bartender at Asia Today BarAsia Today

Opened at the end of 2017 right next to the Wallflowers, walk-in through a fire exit door and you’re in the twin bar of the Teens (same owner), where it says “it’s better than the Teens of Thailand”. The difference is the cocktails that are served with local ingredients such as plants, herbs, Thai cocoa, and honey from different provinces, but also the staff who are more friendly and attentive to customers. A second floor that’s only open when it is very busy. Excellent music. Although less vintage, I like it better than his brother.

Wild honey Cocktails, 400 baht, and seasonal cocktail 420 + 10% service charge.My cocktail in Asia Today Bar, Chiangrai Sting, Absinthe, Stingless Bee Honey, Rumbr Gold, Egg White, Fizz, Bitters, accompaned with Curry Puffs

Open from 7 pm to 12 pm.

Fri-Sat 7 pm-1 am

Closed on Monday


El Chiquito Very Quiet This TimeEl Chirinquito

2013, El Chiringuito was one of the first bars in the soi. A Thai woman who spent six years in Madrid and masters Spanish cuisine married a Spaniard and here we are in Spain in a house that is more than a hundred years old. Tostas de pislo, pincho tortilla, sangria, and more. Very small, Four tables inside, and 2-3 outside. Cozy atmosphere.

Local beer 100/140 baht, Heineken 120

Opens Thursday to Sunday

6 pm to 12.30 am

Address. 221 soi Nana

Bar 23 Gallery Entrance23 Bar & Gallery

A small bar that for seven years entertained Sukhumvit Soi 16. To meet the travelers, Brit music vibrations, a few chairs outside, and an art gallery (sometimes) on the second floor. No cocktails but beer, some spirits, and cheaper than the neighboring bars, no dink over 200 baht. Arty atmosphere.

Open 8 pm to 1 am

Closed on Monday

Address. 92 soi Nana

Nahim & HandicraftNahim Tea Pastry Coffee Hand Craft

Tea pastry coffee, colorful and “child-friendly” deco. Nice to go there with kids who will enjoy the deco and childish baked goods presentation. Handicraft for sale. For young and older for a good dessert.

Open Thu to Sun 11 am-8 pm

Address. 78 soi Nana

Piju BarPiju Bar Early Evening

Piju means “beer” in Mandarin. Very small bar for the amateurs of beer, craft, and bottles. Jazz music. It can be very busy on weekends.

Open from 6 pm to 12 pm, closed on Monday

Address. 16 soi Nana

Busy Ba Hao BarBa Hao Bar and Restaurant

Renovated 60-year old shophouse, Chinese-themed bar, Ba Hao means as much as lucky ‘number eight, cocktails and beer, More spacious than the Teens and 23 gallery bars.

8 Soi Nana, Chinatown

Open 6 pm-12 pm, closed on Monday


Located close to Bo Hao in the soi is the tiny bar to listening to good quality sound music of deep house, funk, jazz, electronic house. Two flours, a large choice of drinks at reasonable prices.

Open 3 pm to midnight -1 am

Closed on Monday


Opened in 2015 in what was once an abandoned rice warehouse. A “cultural” and popular bar in a corner of a small alley, two floors, comfortable and rustic. Good cocktails, and some Thai dishes on the menu. Thai atmosphere with a traditional music band lives at 8 pm. If you’ve never tasted Ya Dong, this is the place, go ahead! very busy on weekends.

Open from 6 pm to 1 am

69, 71 Soi Yi Sip Song

Take the narrow alley on the right after Asia Today. The bar is 20 meters away.


I hope this will help you plan your next trip to Bangkok. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help you out.

Your messages of encouragement and comments are always welcome.

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