Le Wai à une Personne Agée ou de même Catégorie Sociale

do’s and don’ts Thailand


Thai Culture Customs

Smiling, Thai is one of the most welcoming people in the world. But there are numbers of things to avoid

Respect the Monarchy and Buddhism

Thai people love the Royal Family, and any comment is a No-No. lèse majesté

Avoid political topics

They never talk about it in public, are very likely, and don’t like you to criticize them and their country (sometimes do it themselves).

Do not Point the FootFoot Pointing is a very inappropriate gesture also don’t cross your legs when seated facing another person.

Pushing things toward somebody with your feet is very rude. In the Thai culture, feet are considered the lower part of the body and the dirtiest.


Do not point your finger to name a person they always do it with a chin movement or gaze.

Don’t touch someone head,(sacred), especially that of a child,

Avoid stepping on people who are lying on the ground, including food.

Duck down if you pass between two persons.

Ladies, don’t sit next to a monk

Throwing things, money in the direction of someone is rude.

Always take off your shoes before entering a guest’s house, and temples. Its can happen in some shops and restaurants.

In case of conflict or misunderstanding, stay calm. Even if you are not wrong, smile and try to negotiate. Thai people are polite and pleasant, but have a high temper and don’t like to lose face.

Use your right hand to grab and give an object, gifts, money.

Do not serve a drink by holding the bottle in the palm of your hand towards the sky is the way to make the last offerings to the deceased and can be misinterpreted by some (as if you wish them dead).

Don’t tell a mother/father that her/his baby is cute (naa rak) it could attract evil spirits, it’s better to say he/she is ugly (na kliet).


There are those to sit and those to put the head, so don’t use one where one put the head down to sit, of course, don’t put your feet on it.

Wai, Sawasdee sawat deeWai to Respect an Older Person

Is the traditional greeting and a show of respect.

Always return a wai, but entering a shop if the staff does, just smile.

It’s also a way to apologize.

Don’t if the person is younger than you.

Shake hands only if the person is the first to do so.

No hugging and kissing

In public place kissing is disrespectful, although nowadays the young generation sometimes forgets their culture, and the older have to remind them to behave.

Dress well

The Bangkokians like to dress properly, and appreciate the visitors nicely dressed, but don’t like the ones who are too cool “as if they were on the beach”.

Visit the temples, cover your shoulders and legs

Some strange law in the kingdom of Thailand

It is illegal to drive a car with no shirt.

Don’t leave the house without wearing underwear, It is against the law.

More seriously

Visa respect the length of stay

This will cost you 500 baht per day of overtaking and if too important, a) prison b) expulsion c) permanent ban on returning to Thailand.

Visa for Thailand

You can’t step on the money. The Thai monarchy features on all, and it’s a disrespect that is taken seriously.

The Thai national anthem is played twice a day, at 8 am and 6 pm

You will see everyone freeze for 40 seconds to show respect to the nation (not cars, motorcycles) also you do. If you go to the cinema or other events, the Royal Thai Anthem is played before the film, and all major events, including concerts and sports. It is important that you stand up for the duration (1.15 minutes) of the anthem.

Don’t even think of throwing used chewing gum on the sidewalk, it’s a crime.


In the Temples, public offices, education institutions, gas stations, hospitals, and public parks. You can receive six-month imprisonment and 10,000 baht fine.

Taking pictures of yourself consuming alcohol and then posting them online is illegal.

Sale of liquor is prohibited in stores and supermarkets from 14.00 to 17.00 and from midnight to 11.00.


You no longer go on a trip without your new passion. Thailand has rules that are important to know. If your UAV is more than 2 kilos with or without a camera you will need to declare and register it with the Thai Civil Aviation Authority for both professional and private use. 20 years old is the required age for the applicant.

Carry your I.D

It’s against the law to not have and I.D in case of control. And be aware a permit is requested to take certain items out of the country.

No casino, gambling is illegal

Smokers must be alert – No Smoking on the beach and parks

Electronic cigarettes are illegal in Thailand

Customs laws stipulate that persons arrested with electronic cigarettes will be fined four times their price and/or imprisoned for up to 10 years.

E-cigarettes set to be legal. The devices and liquid would be taxed, paving the way for their legal use. To be followed

Don’t stop Smiling

Keep smiling, be patient and calm, this is the “passport” to enjoy this country, and language will no longer be a barrier.

thailand law

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to help you out.

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