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The visits to Bangkok will be made easy with the public transport system, possibly occasionally after shopping or night time, the taxi will be the alternative. Everything from road panels, street, is in the alphabet, Thai, and English. BTS, Bangkok mass transit system also called Skytrain, and underground MRT, Mass rapid transit, are very clean and air conditioning. Two lines of the system are connected at two major stations, Silom (BTS Sala Daeng station) and Asok Sukhumvit, as well as Chatuchak (BTS Mo Chit station), both are not compatible but planned. It is of course forbidden to smoke but also to drink and eat.

Operate from 06.00 to midnight

It’s better to have 20 baht notes, and coins for both system in order to avoid joining the long queue at the counter, or machines.

BTSBTS a Sky View

A nice and pleasant move in the city with a view from above. Buy a magnetic card from vending machines (return change), fares depend on the distance. Check the information board next to the machine, select the line, point on your destination station in the list of small green numbers, the circle next to the name is the amount, insert coins/note.

You better buy a smart pass Rabbit Card 200 Baht (100 fees) 100 Baht stored amount, duration of use 5 years, refill at the counter minimum 100 Baht, no queue at the vending machine, time saver. The passport is requested to register the card.

One-day pass 140 baht, unlimited rides on the date of issue/ registration only.

Child card. Not over 14 years old, height 91-120cm, 50% discount.

BTS single journey ticket

Line Extention 2018

A new section is on service since December 6 on the green line from Bearing to Samut Prakan city hall. The trip is free for the 4 months test run then the ticket price will be from 15 to 65 baht maximum

This line serves the Erawan Museum, Chang Erawan station

Navy Museum, Royal Thai Naval Academy station

Prakan Bay Sky Tower

The crocodile farm, Kheha the last station, and also from there five to ten minutes to Ancient Siam

MAP Bangkok Metro MRT blue line, and BTS green line, also including Airport Link and Bus Rapid Transit system BRT

BTS Shuttle

Three pilot BTS shuttle services have been launched by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and seven others are in the pipeline.

The first line, code-named B1, provides a 26.5-kilometer link between the new southern bus terminal (saï taï maï) and Bang Wa BTS station. Journey time is approximately 20-30 minutes. Buses leave every 15 minutes during rush hours and every 30 minutes during off-peak hours.

The second line, a 17.5 km link between BTS Kheha Rom Klao and the airport rail link, while the third line, an 11.7 km link between the bus terminal of City Hall 2 and BTS Sanam Pao, is scheduled to start on 31 March 2020.

The service on these first three lines will be free of charge for the first six months in order to gather user feedback, which will be taken into consideration when BMA decides to roll out the other seven lines. During this period, the buses will run on natural gas vehicles and then on an electric system in the next phase.

Service from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.

MRT Fast and Easy

Underground but fast. Plastic black token from the vending machine (return change), or from the ticket office.

120 baht one day pass

Easier, go for a card, at the ticket counter 180 baht, refill 100 baht minimum. The passport may be requested.

Child card not over 14, height 91-120cm, 50% discount.

Elder over 60, 50% discount. Contact the ticket office.

Escalators and lifts, ramp for disabled persons. Air-conditioned, access to the city’s tourist attractions.

You will notice girl will never seat beside a monk, which have a priority seat. Of course, as everywhere else in the world the “mobile phone attitude” but very quiet, Thai people speak softly, and it’s impolite to speak loudly.

The Metro Mall, which belongs to the Bangkok subway system, wherein some stations you can do shopping, beauty salons, spa and massage, supermarkets, food and beverages, and other services.

Latest news

The blue line between Hua Lamphong and Bang Khae (Lak Song) district on the Petchkasem road is expected to open in September 2019, with 4 stations in Chinatown, Wat Mangkon Kamalawat, Sam Yot Sanam Chai (Siam Museum and Wath Pho reclining Buddha) and Itsaraphap, with an underground section under the Chao Phraya River to reach Thonburi across the river and then outside until the last station.

Busy MRT for the New Blue Line OpeningThe tests will start in July and will be free of charge during this period. A first section of the line, from Hua Lamphong to The Phra, will be officially opened on August 12 on the occasion of Mother’s Day, Queen Sirikit’s birthday. Blue is the color of Friday, the queen’s birthday and on August 12, the streets of the kingdom are adorned with blue flags. 

MRT Sanam Chai Station Opening Day



On Monday, July 29, the MRT blue line will be open to the public for test rides (only three trains) to Chinatown, from Wat Mangkon, Sam Yot, Sanam Chai (Wat Pho) and under the Chao Phraya River to Itsaraphap. From 29 September the ride will cost between 16-42 Baht.

A transfer in Hua Lamphong and will only run from 10 am to 4 pm.

Free until September 28

End of free ride. The extension of the MRT Hua Lamphong blue line to Lak Song was officially launched on 29 September.

The extension from Tao Poon to Tha Phra is expected to open in March 2020. A test should start on this coming December.

The loop is complete

Opening on March 30 of the last section of the blue line from Tao Poon to Tha phra.

The line is now 48km long with 38 stations and forms a loop around Bangkok. It runs from Tha Phra north via Tao Poon, Bang Sue, Chatuchak Park, and Lat Phrao in northern Bangkok before turning south to run via Phetchaburi and Sukhumvit. The line then turns west passing through Silom, Hua Lamphong mainline station, Tha Phra, and Bang Wa to Lak Song (Bang Khae).

Interchanges with the Purple Line, Silom, Sukhumvit, and the Suvarnabhumi Airport Line.

The MRT going to the province and will invest in two metro projects in the south that will connect Surat Thani, Phangnga, and Phuket. The second in Chiang Mai will be a line from the airport to the city center.

TaxiTaxi a Cheap Way

Speak little English. First of all, use a one only if the driver opens up the meter, if not, close the door If possible avoid the touristic spots to hire one, better walk a little away from the too busy place. Fare starts at 35 baht if use expressway you pay the toll. It’s a cheap way of getting around for a family or group of friends. Sunday it’s fine, not much traffic. The colors, pink, yellow, green, red, depending on the company.

When flagging down driving, make sure the glowing red/green light on the left of the windshield, which means empty. As a tourist, expect to be honked by some of them chasing customer. When down of the car have look behind you to make sure no motorcycle coming before opening the door.

70,000 taxi in the city, no station, stop anywhere.

Lost Items

Many cases had happened, the clients forgot their mobile phone, a briefcase with money inside, backpack. Most of the taxi drivers are honest, if happen you left any valuable, they will return them if can find the place you stay. Otherwise, try to remember the plate numbers (inside the cab) and call hotline 1584 or call the popular online radio program, js100.1808

Old Bus

Bus Best Way To Discover the City

I remember my first time, the only way to move around was by bus (tailpipe black’s cloud emission) no air-conditioned …terrible but kind of fun and total escape among the onlooker’s passengers ready to help me. Because of the heavy traffic, only one visit a day to some touristic destinations was possible. After some stay in the city, I must admit that’s the way I really discovered Bangkok, sometimes just going without really knowing where it will take me. Today few of them (clean) recognizable by their color blue and white, red and cream, are still on the road and are useful because many parts of the city are not yet served by BTSs and MRTs, as well as for their low cost. I still sometimes use the service to the surprise of the conductor to see a foreigner.

The new buses have air-conditioning, but a very confusing system, and most of them are marked in Thai. You can buy a bus map at 7-eleven for the adventurers, and go by the numbers, hundreds of route to explore. Is the cheapest way of transport, and the best way to taste the everyday life of the low working class.

Most buses run from 05.00 – 23.00


moto taxi waiting for customerMoto Taxi popular service

Orange is the color of the drivers, the jacket of course. In the street corner, they will drive you only in the soi (small street). The price is fixed, sometimes posted at their hang out. 10 to 30 bath, depending on the distance, no scams. They rarely go for long-distance, but If you go for a long-distance negotiate the price first. Just look at the driving style in the busy city, the opposite direction of traffic, ride on the sidewalks, which can convince you to choose another means of transportation. Moto drivers are responsible for large numbers of accidents. The helmet is compulsory, but most of the time the passenger don’t wear it because only one is available. But if you are in a hurry, that’s the fastest way getting around. if you feel that it is a little too “irritating” ask him to drive slower, cha cha cha krap/ka or ya khab reo kap/ka.

Last year, 2019, after several accidents and incidents, the authorities in Bangkok passed a new law according to which any motorcycle driving on the sidewalk will have to pay a heavy fine.

The moto-taxis will have their valuable licence, which was bought for 100,000 baht, withdrawn.

For The More Adventurous

In some soi and street, you will see pickup called Songthaew with proper seating, very cheap, stop on demand, there is a bell on the ceiling, pay the driver the amount of the trip (fixed price). Don’t miss to use it at rush hour if you have the opportunity.  local taxi, songthaew

Which one didn’t you used?

For more information on transport

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to help you out.

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