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Chao Phraya River of Kings

Chao Phraya the major Mae Nam (Mae “mother” Nam “river”) in the country (372km long) referred to the “Title of the highest Thai nobility” of the Royal Administration, that’s why people sometimes call it “The River of Kings”. From Nakon Sawan to the Gulf of Thailand flows through 10 provinces. Many canals (Klongs) are used for transportation and rice paddies irrigation. On the west bank of Bangkok is the city of Thonburi, which was the capital from 1768 to 1782.

New boat service

From the Tewet pier (15) is a boat service on the Padhung Krung Kasem Klong to Hua Lampong train/MRT station.

From Tha Chang pier (9) new boat service to the BTS Bang Wa station in Thonburi. Three stops at Wat Intaram, Memorial Bridge and Rajinee Pier, the ride lasts about 40 minutes. On a trial basis is free until the end of the year.

ferry on the Chao Phraya bangkokRiver Ferries 

Major sites accessible, cheap and enjoyable, not miss it. Buy the ticket at the pier stations.

No Flag

Stop at every pier from Wat Rajsingkorn pier (3) in the south to Nonthaburi pier (30) in the north

06.00 – 18.30 – 10, 12. 14 baht

Weekday only, every 20 minutes.

Blue Flag Tourist BoatBlue Flag, tourists

Stop at 8 piers from Sathorn BTS station to Phra Arthit (13)

English-speaking staff guide

From Sathorn 09.00 to 1730

From Phra Arthit (Khao San) 09.30 to 18.00

Go to Asiatique open-air mall

every 30 minutes – 50 baht

Tourist Boat Pier Map


Orange Flag, all piers

To Tha Chang Grand Palace and Tha Tien Wat Pho, 9 baht

Chao-Phraya-River-Pier Map-Bangkok

To Nonthaburi pier (30) Koh Kret Mon village, 15 baht. Crowded

06.00 to 19.00 every 12 to 20 minutes

Icon Siam Shopping Mall






*A new pier on the way of the orange boat is the recently open IconSiam shopping mall which is on the Thonburi side.

Free – IconSiam has its boat service from the Taksin Sathorn pier will take you there and back, as well as Wat Muang Khae Pier (CAT Building Pier), Ratchawong, Si Phraya Pier. It also stops in Lhong in 1919.

Yellow Flag, express for commuters

To Nonthaburi (30)

Rush hours only, faster, more comfortable, stop only at 10 piers.

Monday – Friday. Morning from 06.15 to 7.00 and afternoon 16.45 to 20.00, every 10 minutes.

20, 30 baht

Green Flag, express for commuters

All the way to the northern pier of Pakret (33) stop at 13 out of 33 piers

Monday – Friday from 06.10 to 08.10 and afternoon from 16.05 to 18.05.

15, 20, 35 baht, every 20 minute

A shuttle boat to the Asiatique riverfront shopping center, departures every 15 minutes from 17.00 to 23.00, 10-minute ride free

chaophraya expressboat services

New Boat Service Riva Express

The “Riva Express” a new boat service on the Chao Phraya. Four catamarans imported from Australia, air-conditioned, equipped with electronic mart signs that provide a chart that updates in real time, accommodate 200 passengers. The structure of each catamaran is designed to generate a minimum of waves, which according to the operator will help reduce erosion of the banks of adjacent rivers.

It stops at eight piers, Bang Pho Pier, Kiak kai Pier, Thewes Pier, Phran Nok Pier, Rachini Pier, Ratchawong Pier, Iconsiam Pier and Sathon Pier. Distance 15km. All this in 30 minutes, compared to one hour for the regular service, also provided by the Chao Phraya Express.

The cost of a one-way trip from the first pier to the last is 50 baht.

Long-Tail Boats, narrowboat with a strong car/truck engine Long Tail Boat Chao Phraya

At  BTS Taksin Sathorn, tours on Thonburi Klongs

Crossing Ferry to Thonburi

3 baht from the piers

-Tha Chang (9)

-Tha Phra Chang (10-11-12)

-Tha Thien (8) to Wat Arun

-Si Phraya Pier between Royal Orchid Sheraton and River City arts and antique shopping center.

Dinner Cruise on The Chao Phraya

Diner Cruise Boat on Chao Phraya RiverA lot of dinner cruise to select. it’s better to book a few days in advance.

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