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​Is Thailand to Become the First Asian Country to Legalize Marijuana​?

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Thailand Become the First Asian Country to Legalize Medical Marijuana

The first country in Asia to do so, on January 1, Thailand legalized marijuana only for medical and research purposes and thus joined, Australia, Israel, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Lesotho, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Switzerland, Turkey and more than half of the American states. Mexico ratified a bill that allows citizens to grow cannabis for recreational use. Countries which allow it for recreational purposes are Uruguay, Netherlands, South Africa and now Canada,

Its cultivation and importation would be allowed “if necessary”. Possession would be permitted only by prescription and in limited quantities for patients and emergency treatment on means of transportation such as boats, planes or others. The bill is under debates now and could be approved as soon as April 2019

Marijuana remains illegal in Thailand, with severe penalties for drug trafficking and anyone caught in possession of the drug could be locked up for 15 years, although the authorities choose to impose a fine as a less severe measure

The country remains a key transit center and regional producer in the border regions of the Golden Triangle, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, where plant quality is developing particularly well.

Expert’s Words

Today, Thailand can produce great cannabis at a much lower cost than Western producers, said Jim Plamondon, vice president of marketing for the Thai Cannabis Corporation, described as the country’s first legal marijuana company. “Thailand will recover its cultural heritage tomorrow by becoming the world’s largest producer, processor, and manufacturer of cannabis products, he said. Any company that is serious about cannabis should start moving its supply chain to Thailand”.

These were not long to make the move and the battle to know who will benefit from medical cannabis – the patents of course – has already begun. The last news shows that the foreign pharma companies have followed his statement because even before this one exists, speculations circulate that they would seek to have the supremacy to the potential market and many patent applications would have been filed.

So Will Thailand Legalize Marijuana?

It is difficult to say, but there is a reason for optimism. This will take time and will be done step by step, slowly and with difficulty to change the laws, the current process is the first. The economic sector in which cannabis can become a major player is an important factor where the legal global market is expected to reach USD 146.4 billion by end of 2025 according to the US-based Grand View Research.

Following the government’s agreement in 2018 to amend drug laws to allow the use and production of medical cannabis, about 25 CBD clinics are operating on a part-time basis and in the beginning of this new year 2020 Thailand opened two full-time clinics. They dispense cannabis oil (cannabidiol or CBD) for medical treatment, which has attracted international attention, not only to the emerging cannabis industry in the kingdom, but also to the many benefits of cannabis oil. Thailand’s medical marijuana industry is set to reach a 660 million US$ (around 20 billion baht) business by 2024.

Countries Where your Life is in Danger if you are Taken in Possession of “ganja”

These are the countries where punishment for smoking weed is the death

Malaysia, for a value of about 200 grams you will be hanged but in September the government began informal talks on revising laws to allow medical use of drugs and in October, the Minister of Legal Affairs said that the country would completely abolish the death penalty, including for drug-related offenses.

In Singapore, 15 grams are enough to be executed by long hanging.

Myanmar. Anyone who is caught in possession of an excessive amount of cannabis is automatically considered a trafficker and will be hanged

Egypt is one of the few African countries where trafficking and possession of cannabis and if the person is suspected of trading, is punishable by death. Fairly widely used in Egypt nowadays punishment for smoking is rarely applied, and law enforcement often gives smokers a pass to use the plant. Hanging once again is the method of execution used.

China, A firing squad or sometimes lethal injection is what awaits people caught in the act of drug trafficking. However, for those who have smoked pot, the penalties are much less severe, 10 to 15 days in prison and a fine of 2000 yuan (300 USD). But are often punished by three years’ imprisonment.

The Philippines, In the world news the president Duterte War Campaign to drug users and traffickers who do not even have the dignity of a trial, and many of them are without warning thrown from their homes onto the street and shot on the spot and he doesn’t seem to have any intention of stopping any time soon.

Saudi Arabia. Frankly, who would have thought of smoking pot in this country or for the first time a suspect is arrested, the punishment results in up to six months in prison and more than a few lashes. The trafficker faces up to 10 years in prison and public flogging. As for repeat offenders or traffickers, they face the death penalty. Two most frequent methods are stoning and beheading, and of course in public and as if that was not enough, or to deter criminals the bodies of victims are exposed publicly, suspended from cranes or buildings. Foreigners (western) arrested for smoking grass or smuggling will rarely be executed but generally deported.

Compared to these countries, Thailand is much better off and on the way to making life easier for cannabis consumers.

So, what do you think?

Ganja World Festival

The festival will be held in Mukdahan, located in the far northeast of Thailand, near the Laotian border from 29 January to 2 February 2020. Technological innovations and commercial negotiations, as well as a product design competition and music festival are on the agenda.

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