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Jim Thompson house bangkok

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King of Thai silk

An emblematic figure of Bangkok. An American businessman who in the year 50’s and 60 gives a new life to the silk industry in The Kingdom. He was an agent during the world war 2 of The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) at that time, a predecessor of the modern CIA. After North Africa and Sri Lanka, he moved to Thailand and was close with the Free Thai Movement after the Japanese left.

He quit the army in 1946 and returned to Thailand, in 1948 after a failure investing in the Oriental Hotel, he founded in partnership with the Thai Silk Company. In 1951 became famous when Thai Silk fabric was used in the movie, The King and I.

He later takes out of misery thousands of people, and by allowing women working at home, they kept their housewife role and an economic support for the family as well. A collector of antiques, and as ex-architect, after bringing together parts of old houses as old as a hundred years, in 1959 built a masterpiece.

All of his collection can be seen at what is today a museum.

Jim Thompson house view from the garden

Jim Thompson living room






Easter day in 1967, Jim Thompson went for an afternoon walk in the Cameron Highlands hills in Malaysia and was never seen again.

One of the oldest mysteries in Asia has been solved. In a documentary, he was killed by Malay communists. By Adventure Film Productions


Worldwide expansion

The first shop was open in 1950, it is today a well established, and distinguished worldwide luxury Thai silk company with more than 3,000 employees. The production is located close to the city of Nakhon Ratchasima. Plan to open stores in London, Paris, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. High-class restaurants will be opened in London and Paris.

How to get there

BTS National Stadium. Exit 1 and go into Soi Kasem San 2, 150 meters left-hand side.

By boat By the KLong to Hua Chang Pier

Entrance 150 baht – 100 under 22 years old

Guided tour

Dress code

Restaurant, cafe, and wine bar


09.00 – 18.00

Ban Krua Silk Village

Nearby is a Muslim community still weaving Thai silk. This is the place where the silk used in the movie The King and I is from.

Forgotten by the tourists, an interesting visit.

Easy to get there

When out of the front gates, walk to the canal. Turn left and keep going to the pedestrian bridge, cross and turn left till you see the signs.

By boat Baan Krua pier

Entrance free

09.00 – 20.00

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to help you out


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