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Museum of Siam in Bangkok

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Museum of Siam Bangkok

Discovery, Play, Learn 

In a renovated nice building, what was the ministry of commerce The Museum of Siam, known as the discovery, with the slogan play, learn. Well organized and instructive, kids and parents will have fun. The exhibits are on the 3rd and second floors, by the stairs or the hiding lift. You enter the first room through the giant bronze “ribbon”, called the Roong, then the map room with a panoramic long screen to watch pop-up displays with sound, light about Thailand history. The core of the Museum of Siam is Thainess, history from the past to the present, and what does it mean to be Thai, what is the Thai culture.

Map Room of Siam Museum Bangkok

Classic, Modern 

The first part of the visit is a classic, then modern advanced technology. Divided into different rooms, each with a variety of digital show, everyday objects, and photos. Thailand and the world, politics, and communications, Buddhism, the founding of Ayutthaya, the Royal throne, objects of everyday life, a classroom, there is also an interesting exhibit on the origin of Thai food and a game room. You can touch everything. A view of how Thailand has evolved over the centuries and developed its own culture.



Translated in English but very small fonts. An audio guide and a plan are graciously offered.

Coffee and souvenirs shop

Adresse. 4, Sanam Chai Road

Going There

  • The MRT blue line between Hua Lamphong and Bang Khae (Lak Song station) on the Petchkasem road is expected to open in September 2019, The tests will start in July and can be used by the public free of charge during this period.

The Sanam Chai station (exit 1) is at the door of the museum and Wat Pho, Reclining Buddha.

Express boat Orange, Memorial bridge pier (sapan put) 6 or Than Thien Pier 8

Close to Wat Pho

When out of Wat Pho, on Maha Rat Road, first soi on the left

How Much

200 baht an ID is requested

50 baht for students with a card

Try to be there at 16.00 free admission

Free of charge for senior citizens of foreign nationality


10.00 – 18.00 Tuesday – Sunday

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to help you out

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