Reclining Buddha Wat Pho

My Little Great Bangkok


Exciting Always In Motion

I like the contrast of this vibrant city of ten million inhabitants. Exciting always in motion, Bangkok for a foreigner, Krung Thep for Bangkokians. The city of angels with 20.05 million visitors for the third year in a row, is the most visited city in the world, before London and Paris. The Thai capital offers a large variety of attractions, temples, museums, floating markets, Either street stalls, locals or international restaurants food is also a highlight. Imposing shopping malls, street vendors, the popular Chatuchak flea market, and of course, the nightlife. Hotels in every area of the city, Luxury, deluxe, international chains, smaller boutique hotels, and for budget travelers.

A city you like or not, but will not leave you indifferent. I invite you to follow me

Transport in BangkokEnergetic Capital

Bangkok is a mix of the population from the seventy-six provinces of the country and also a large expatriate community. Modern new buildings, and the old damaged just side by side. Small grocery shop, hairdresser, noisy and dirty motorbike mechanic get along well. With the BTS and MRT, Bangkok has an efficient transport network.


Electric Line System in Bangkok

Noises, no Stress

Concert of noises, motorcycles who runs on the busy and dilapidated pavement, the chaos of the electric lines, the Busy Pavementstreet vendors on sidewalks, the heat. Despite all that it’s the relaxed rhythm of life, no sign of stress, there is still phlegm, carelessness, and smiles, feeling of no violence, security, and hostility.


Peaceful Temple

Get Lost Discovering

Just Go, and take amazing photos of scenes of life, get lost in the little soi and small alleys, walking through peaceful temples, your sense of smell will be solicited by all kind of odor, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of Thai people.

Yacinth on Chao PhrayaAlarming Predictions

The lowest capital of the world, two meters above sea level, Bangkok sink of 2.5cm/year. Despite the alarming predictions than less of 15 years the city could be underwater, tall skyscrapers continue to grow higher and higher. The number of vehicles and construction of roads, transport system, BTS and MRT extension to what was fields, Klongs, and tree plantations, promote a fast development. Among efficient solutions, an expensive seawall or moving the capital is possible.To the Sky by the Chao Phraya


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