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Preserved SnakesSnake farm Bangkok

Located in the heart of Bangkok, the Queen Saovabha memorial institute, part of the Thai Red Cross. Snake farm Bangkok raise venomous snakes to extract the serum from venom and use it in the production for antidotes on victims of bite, and research in medicines.


Two floors museum

A walk outdoor serpentarium, home to various snake habitats. Two floors museum labeled with clear detailed descriptions of each species. Well-maintained displays vivariums, and designed exhibits about their evolution, anatomy, toxicology, mythology, the life cycle, reproduction, short films, and how to do the first aid for snakebite. Snake farm Bangkok is informative, fascinating and entertaining with 200 different types, and 1,500 snakes. The second in the world with such facility.

Handling show

Famous and popular for the catching, handling, and snake extraction show. A small seat auditorium close to the stage where shows are held. At the end of the performance, you will be invited to handle one yourself, boa or python?

Venom extraction show at 11.00 and at 14.30 for the snake handling Monday to Friday

Weekends at 11.00

Going there

Thai Red Cross Institute, 1871 Rama 4, Intersection with Henry Dunant road next to Chulalongkorn hospital and university

MRT Sam Yan, few minutes walk

Entrance 200 baht, children 50 baht

Open 08.30 – 16.30

Open 08.30 -12.00 on weekends

Awesome place for snake lover and educational day for the whole family

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to help you out

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