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Well known by the tourists for the bus terminal to Pattaya an Koh Chang island. One of the expensive and “chic” residential districts of Bangkok. Nowadays the new generation that is taking over is developing the area and the old-style shophouses are giving way to modern design and trendy venues. It is also a neighborhood frequented by young hipsters of the high local society and expats. Numerous coffee shops, bars, nightclubs, vintage stores, and good Thai food restaurants.

Front of Hom Duan RestaurantHom Duan

Close to the BTS Ekhamai station a very popular family restaurant for its cuisine from Northern Thailand. A dish which is recommended as being the best of the menu, the khao soi Kai, 80 baht (egg noodles with curry, chicken, squeeze in some lime and mix in the onion). Hom Duan which means Mint Leaf in the northern language, is known for its homemade products as well, such as tum kanoon (young jackfruit mixed with spicy chili paste), sai oua specialty from Chiang Mai, excellent withSai Oua Sausage beer, (minced pork sausage kaffir leaves, lemongrass, turmeric powder) and the typical Northern (Burmese roots) dish Kaeng hang lay (pork belly curry). A lot of locals and expats.

I read only good reviews that convinced me to go for the Kao Soi chicken at lunchtime. I really liked this dish and there is noNoodles with Curry in Hom Duan Restaurant doubt that I will return to taste the other specialties. I also liked the counter where you choose your dish. A clean restaurant and simple but excellent cuisine in a pleasant setting and the prices are “gifts”. A restaurant I recommend for a good lunch of Thai northern cuisine.

Address. 70/2 Ekhamai Soi 2

Open. Monday – Saturday 8.30 – 21.00

 Kitchen of Arunwan Ekhamai RestaurantArunwan

A good address, very good cuisine, nice staff, peaceful atmosphere and cheap. Mostly frequented by locals. Opened since the 1960s when the owner emigrated from China, today the granddaughter which speak English has taken over and is doing veryWonton Dry Crispy Pork Arunwan Ekhamai Restaurant well. Michelin made no mistake about it. I ate 2 dishes, one soup with entrails, 85 baht, and the other without soup (haeng) 80 baht. Can be a little busy at lunchtime on a weekday. Strongly recommended.

Open Tuesday to Sunday 09.00-15.00

Recommend going before noon or after 13.00

Payment in cash only

Address. Sukhumvit 63 Ekhamai, the restaurant is at the corner of the soi 15

Yen Ta Fo in Mamarin RestaurantMamarin

A well-hidden restaurant at the end of a small alley at the corner of the soi 15. The specialty is noodles cooked in the renowned Ban Bueng style of a village in Chonburi province. A soft soup made from pork bones and dried crustaceans, topped with fish balls, tender pork, and entrails. Maybe you will choose the dry yen ta fo sen yai or if you prefer rice go for the Ban Bueng mackerel 165 baht. kuay Teow from 69 to 130 baht.

Blue Sticky Rice Pudding with Coconut MilkDessert. Blue sticky rice pudding with coconut milk 65 baht. The blue color is from Butterfly Pea flower (Asian pigeon wings). The scientific name, Clitoria Ternatea

Open. Tuesday to Sunday 11.00 – 21.00

Address. 281/7 Ekhamai Soi 15Airstream Caravan in in the Courtyard of the Mamarin Restaurant

At the entrance, you will notice not only the shining airstream caravan but workmanship Antique General Store as well. Take a look at it, is interesting, America from a forgotten past.

Wattana PanichBig Pan of Meat in Wattana Panich

Open for more than 50 years, few tourists but well-known to locals and expatriates living in the neighborhood. The specialty is a soup of red meat and goat Chinese style. Cinnamon and star anise and goji berry are used as ingredients. The huge jar of meat in the stock at the entrance is quite impressive. You can choose red meat without noodles but with a bowl of rice (kao Lao neua). I chose the goat noodle soup (kuay teow pae(sen lek) 200 baht, it’s very tasty, but maybe not to everyone’s taste. The place itself is very rustic, no air-conditioned, however, it is mentioned in the Michelin guide.

Red meat 100 baht

Open from 10.00 to 21.00

closes on Monday

Address. 336-338 Ekhamai soi 18

About Noodles Soup (Kuay Teow)Noddles

Chinese Hokkien word, Kuay Teow means rice noodles soup in Thai. Generally served with either chicken or pork, fish balls, and also duck, seafood, beef. Different type of noodles, SenYai (big rice noodles), Sen Mee (rice vermicelli), Sen Lek (small rice noodles), Ba Mee (egg wheat noodles) kuay Jab ( rice flake chips noodles) Woon Sen (glass noodles made from mung bean flour) Mi Sua, very thin salted noodles made from wheat flour (only eaten in the Southern part of Thailand) pictures of the factory who makes this noodles, and the famous sen chan pad Thai. A dish called Yen ta fo of pink noodles whose color comes from a  sauce of conserved red beans, some say from fermented soybean paste, but sometimes ketchup. Noodles soup is a very popular economical dish that can be found everywhere in the city served in restaurants as well as in street stalls.

Pad Thai EkhamaiOutside Kitchen in Pad Thai Ekhamai

My second visit here but this time was on a long weekend, very quiet but open. It’s a tiny modest restaurant, 5 tables and a counter for 4 persons, not a place to shill out. They have 11 versions of Pad Thai, I remember the last time I had seafood, but this time I chose a different I had never tasted, the river shrimp pad Thai. In this restaurant, most Pad Thai is served wrapped in an omelet and I was told that cooking it this way gives overcooked noodles, but watching him do it, he makes the omelet after cooking the pad thai and puts it on the top. Anyway, I let the young chef do his job and I did mine enjoying the dish. I still have many to taste.River Prawn Pad Thai

My River Crown cost me 150 baht. Prices for a Wrapped with egg 60, Shrimp with egg wrap 90, seafood 90, and basic 50 baht.

Open 10.00 to 4 am daily

Address. 303/4 Ekhamai, 2 shops before soi 19

How to Go ThereTuk Tuk Taxi

BTS Ekhamai station exit 1, go into the soi, take a taxi or a “tuk-tuk taxi” 9 baht, stop on demand. It takes about 20 minutes to walk up to the soi 15 where the restaurants are very close to each other.


If you have Allergies

Just say Pom/chan pae: milk, (nom) egg (khai), wheat (paeng salee), nut (tua), shrimp (kroong), squid (Pla Muk), fish (pla), chili (phrik), chili sauce, chili paste, pepper sauce.

.What I Think

I am not in favor of Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and try to avoid it as much as possible. Monosodium glutamate (MSG). Is a natural food in tomatoes, mushrooms and many other, so why to add more. Most of the restaurants and stall vendors use it to enhance the flavor, also, if you think like me, don’t forget to ask, no Pong Choo Rot or Ajinomoto please (Ka, Kap).

A very interesting website to learn more about all the additives found in food.

I hope this will be helpful for planning your next trip to Bangkok. If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to help you out.

Your support messages and comments are always welcome.

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  1. My absolute favorite is a good Vietnamese Pho, but I also like Thai food. My Thai palette is not very well developed.

    The goat noodle soup sounds delicious – always wanted to try some goat.

    The river shrimp pad Thai also looks enticing.

    These restaurants you recommend look like real gems in Thailand. I wish I could find a good Thai restaurant in my area. Maybe I should look more for one.

    You really peaked my interest in Thai food with your recommendations and talking about the dishes you’ve tried.

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