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What About Tuk Tuk

how to Bangkok

Tuk Tuk in Bangkok

We can’t imagine Bangkok without tuk-tuk, the legendary three-wheeled (samlor), still popular with the tourist, fast through the very busy traffic of the city, and for many years living here, I never saw an accident.  They mainly go short distance….bargain the price is a must before the ride, don’t hesitate to go down 50% of what the driver wishes. Not much driver understand/speak English, but they know how to count.

the monk use tuk tuk tooEnjoy The Ride

The ride is fun, but breathing pollution fumes are not, and wearing a mask can help. Don’t accept any special tours, shopping places. No, thank you, and a smile will do. Ask at your hotel to write the destination in Thai, and an idea of the ride cost. To avoid any confusion with the driver always keep a name card of the hotel/place you stay, will make it easier to communicate on your way back in case you use a tuk-tuk.

Capacity 3 to 4 persons. I saw sometime 5 to 6 people or overfull of goods.

Useful Transportation

Today used in many hotels, and residential apartments as a shuttle for the residents to the BTS or MRT station. Many are still used as well occasionally, especially the small local restaurant to go to the market for their daily shopping. Although its convenience is more expensive compared with the other means of transport.

tuk tuk loaded






Around 9,000 on the road of Bangkok. 20,000 in The country as a taxi.


Born in 1869 in Japan. In the 1930’s, 20,000 used were donated to Southeast Asia. A decline during the Vietnamese war as the Japanese closed their factories, but at the initiative of a driver who created his own factory in his garage, just added a roof, a proper seating, a motorized engine, and voila, the Thai tuk-tuk was born.

tuk tuk at rest bangkok

Banned for a while in the 80’s, nowadays the proud of the Thai culture. Exported in some country in Asia, Egypt, Nigeria, Peru.

In 2015 two British citizens have broken the world record for a journey of 42,120 Km around the globe in 16 months.

Where I live, sometimes I wake up with the specific noise of, vrummm tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk, and occasionally I still use their service for a short distance and enjoy it.

Try a ride for a souvenir

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to help you out


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